Adrian's Tomcat 100"

Military Buggies and Light Vehicles

When I make my off-road buggy it will be for fun and I will only use it for a few hours a week. Some people's lives depend on their off road transport and they at times will use it 24 hours a day to eat, sleep and fight. Members of the armed forces (mainly the Army but also the Royal Marines and RAF Regiment) use a variety of military buggies and light vehicles including those based on the Land Rover like the Tomcat.

I am going to have to do some more research before I can add words and descriptions for the military vehicles below, so for now enjoy the photographs of the Army vehicles.

Light Strike Vehicle (LSV)

This military buggy is the Light Strike Vehicle (LSV) used by the British Army. It is an off road vehicle based on a steel space frame covered in a mixture of fibre glass (glass reinforced plastic) and aluminium chequer plate panels.

British Army Light Strike Vehicle

Weapons Mounted Installation Kit (WMIK)

The Weapons Mounted Installation Kit (WMIK) was developed by Ricardo and is fitted to a Landrover (Truck Utility Medium High Specification Land Rover in Army speak). Landrover call it a Rapid Deployment Vehicle.

British Army Landrover

Land Rover Pink Panthers

Pictures of some SIIA 109 Land Rover Pink Panthers as used by the SAS in the desert and the green version used in other locations.

Pink Pink Panther

Land Rover Truck Utility Medium Special Forces

Pictures of a Land Rover Truck Utility Medium Special Forces as I believe used by the Special Air Service (SAS).

Sand coloured Land Rover

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