Adrian's Tomcat 100"

Update 4 - Landrover 110 Tow/Support Vehicle

I now have a tow vehicle! It is a 1983 Landrover 110 (not Defender) with a 3.5l V8 engine. It has basically the same transmission and the donor two door Range Rover, so I will be transferring the overdrive, as an off-road buggy used for mud plugging does not need an overdrive.

Landrover 110 V8 County Station Wagon Hill climb Front Landrover 110 support vehicle
Land Rover support vehicle Front and side Rear and side Going down

I will be personalising the Landrover so it meets my needs including fitting a roof rack so that I can transport 8’ x 4’ sheets of stuff including chequer plate. I will also remove all but two of the seats then protect the interior with plywood and rack it out with storage spaces.

It currently has a few bits and pieces to fix/sort (charging, cooling etc) before I start upgrading it. I will of course be publishing pictures of the transformation/upgrades.

Charging Problem

The previous owner had said there was a problem with starting the Landrover 110 because of a flat battery. He had told me what he had already tried and made some suggestions of what could be wrong. I think I have now sorted the charging problem. Click on the thumbnail to find out what I did.

Faulty component?

Chequer Plate Bonnet Protector

My other big hobby is photography, so I will be using the support vehicle to get to photographic locations. I also want to use it as a mobile platform so that I can get shots from a view point not available to other people. It came with chequerplate on the wings, but I wanted to get higher. They are also quite narrow and hard to balance on! I needed to fit a chequer plate bonnet protector. Click on the thumbnail to find out what I did.

Hippy chick standing on bonnet

Options and Ideas

Here are some of the things I am thinking about doing / fitting to my support vehicle. Also some photos of other support vehicles I could get some ideas from like the Camel Trophy Landrovers and Lara Croft’s Landrover.

Bonatti grey hi-capacity pickup

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