Adrian's Tomcat 100"


A Tomcat 100" is an off road vehicle originally designed by Drew Bowler (which he has now developed into the Wildcat) and is made up of a fibre glass body on a tubular steel space frame (big roll cage) on top of a Range Rover chassis.

Tomcat 100"

Here is an example of what I want to build, a Tomcat 100”. This Tomcat was used for racing in Competitive Safaris (known as Comp Safaris) with the all Wheel Drive Club (AWDC). This is what I think Drew Bowler developed the Tomcat for.

Orange Tomcat 100

Building Tomcats

Here are some photos, sent from Iceland of some Tomcats being built in a spacious, clean workshop. I wish I had the same facilities and that I will be able to build my Tomcat as well as Steini does.

Two part built Tomcats

Tomcat on TV

Here are some pictures of Richard Hammond racing a jet-powered canoe in a Tomcat for the BBC Top Gear television programme.

Richard Hammond in Icelandic Tomcat

Winch Challenge Tomcat

This Tomcat had entered the AWDC Scorpion Racing Challenge Trophy where winches and waffle boards are used to try and get the vehicle to as many locations as possible.

Winch challenge motor

Mark's Tomcat

Mark has a basically factory (Tomcat Motorsport) built 93” Tomcat.

Black 93 inch Tomcat

Kevin's Tomcat

This Tomcat is driven by Kevin Arnott with Les Sadler as his navigator. I strongly suspect that Kevin’s Tomcat is not road legal as it does not have any lights (except 4 brake lights), number plates or mirrors.

Black Tomcat

More Tomcats

Here are some more Tomcats that I have either seen and photographed on my travels or photos that have been sent to me by owners of Tomcats.

Another Tomcat 100

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