Adrian's Tomcat 100"

Off-Road Racers

I believe the tomcat was designed by Drew Bowler for competing in events such as Competitive Safaris (Comp Safaris) and Hill Rallies. There are of course other off-road vehicles built to race in these events. I can get some ideas from these off road racers for when I build my Tomcat even though my off-roader won't be used for racing. Drew Bowler also went on to design the Wildcat.

Bowler Wildcat 200

The factory built version of a Tomcat is a Bowler Wildcat. The Bowler Wildcat uses a purpose built space frame chassis and roll cage and parts from Landrover.

Blue and silver Bowler Wildcat 200

Another Bowler Wildcat 200. Click on the picture for more details and photographs.

Silver Bowler Wildcat 200

More photographs of Bowler Wildcats. Click on the thumbnail to see them all.

Lots of Bowler Wildcats

Bowler Nemesis

The Bowler Nemesis is the development of the Wildcat aimed at rally raids.

Bowler Nemesis

Desert Warrior

Some off road racers are not built for mud, but for sand.

Red Desert Warrior


Space framed Mattserati with a Porsche engine.

Mattserati off road racer

Roger the Racer

This is Roger the Racer with Team Apricot driven by Dominic from Apricot Motors Ltd.

Roger the Racer

Further Reading

I donít copy other peoplesí (copyright) material, so if you would like to know more, take a look at;

Court 'n' Bowled Bowlers in Dakar Rally, Land Rover Owner Magazine, Spring 2006 page 134


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