Adrian's Tomcat 100"

Other Options

Standard Two Door Range Rover

I could keep it as astandard 2 door Range Rover. I could just patch it up (cheaper but would take a while) or rebuild it to concours condition (not cheap and would take a lot of time and effort).

Red standard 2 door Range Rover

Modified 2 Door Range Rover

After I have rebuilt the 2 door Range Rover, I could go on to modify it a bit (or a lot) so that it better meets my needs and performs even better off road.

Yellow modified 2 door Range Rover

Bobtail / Bob Tail Range Rover

I could cut part of the back off and produce a Bobtail Range Rover.

Safari Engineering Bobtail Range Rover

Range Rover Pick Up

I could cut a bit more of the back off and produce a Range Rover pick up.

Yellow Range Rover pick up

Bobtail Range Rover Pick Up

I could cut even more of the back off including the rear bit of the chassis and produce a Bobtail Range Rover pick up.

White(ish) Bobtail Range Rover pick up

Bobtail Range Rover Pickup 2

I have now photographed so many bobtail Range Rover pickups that I have created another page. It shows the Range Rover bob tail pick ups are a popular option for others with tired Range Rovers.

Orange Bobtail Range Rover pick up

Off Roader

I could build an off roader with simple body work to keep the mud out. It could be an off road buggy with only one seat, or more of a trials motor with two seats. However these types of vehicle are only meant to be used off road and are not road legal.

Red body and yellow roll cage

Range Rover Land Rover Hybrid

I could take the Range Rover body off and replace it with another body. This is how you build a Hybrid. If I used a Land Rover body, I would either need to shorten the Range Rover chassis or shorten a long wheel base body so that the wheels and wheel arches line up. I could just make a Landrover inspired body from sheet metal and probably a space frame / complete roll cage. Click on the thumbnail to see various Range Rover Land Rover Hybrids.

Red Range Rover Land Rover hybrid


This is a specially designed fibre glass body designed for fitting to a Range Rover chassis. It does not involve cutting the Range Rover chassis down as it uses the standard 100 inch wheelbase.

Blue and red Dakar kit car

MEV 4x4

The MEV 4x4 has a purpose built tubular steel chassis and fibre glass body, but uses many of the components including all the drive train from a single donor vehicle, a Classic Range Rover.

Black, rear engined, two seater

Carmichael Commando Fire Engine

I could remove most of the Range Rover body and add a new body and all the necessary equipment to make fire engine like this Carmichael Commando.

Six wheeled Carmichael Commando Range Rover

Ford Capri Hybrid

I could take off the old Range Rover body from the chassis, then go to the scrap yard and wait for a suitable body to be brought in with a wheelbase of about 100 inches. A Ford Capri can be the source of a suitable body.

Muddy Ford Capri Range Rover hybrid

Range Rover Challenge Motor

This is about the best two door modified Range Rover I have seen. It was designed and built for the Ladoga Trophy Raid in Russia. There is no chance that I could build a vehicle as good as this as I donít have the skills or experience, but it does include some very good ideas.

Highly modified yellow 2 door Range Rover

Something Different

I think this vehicle is based on a Range Rover chassis and running gear, but it is a single seater and is reminiscent of a racing car from a different era.

Green old style racing car

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