Adrian's Tomcat 100"

Options and Ideas

Here are some of the things I am thinking about doing / fitting to my support vehicle. Also some photos of other support vehicles I could get some ideas from like the Camel Trophy Landrovers and Lara Croft’s Landrover.

Paint it Yellow!

The first thing all my friends have said is "When are you going to paint it yellow?" I will almost certainly end up painting it yellow (yellow ones go faster), but there are more important functional things to sort (eg get it working reliably) before I do it. Click on the thumbnail to get an idea of what it could look like. I would of course also paint my black doors yellow!

New paint scheme

Wildcat Support Vehicles

If a Tomcat is the home made version of a Bowler Wildcat, I actually need to make my own version of one of these support trucks.

MAN support truck off-road

Land Rover 127 - 130

While looking for a support vehicle I was seriously considering buying a nice, low mileage, ex-RAF (not a knackered ex-Army) Land Rover 127 ambulance.

Land Rover 127 green laning

Camel Trophy Landrovers

For many years Landrover ran a series of adventures called the Camel Trophy. Landrover used specially designed and built Land Rovers, Range Rovers, Discoveries and more recently, Freelanders incorporating years of experience. So I think I will see what I can copy from these famous expedition vehicles for my support vehicle.

Camel Trophy Landrovers

Camel Trophy Land Rovers in Action

These Camel Trophy Land Rovers are not museum pieces that only come out to park at shows. See below for some photos of a Defender 110 Station Wagon, Defender 110 Hi-Cap Pick Up and Landrover Discovery having fun in the mud. A Camel Trophy Freelander turned up just as it got too dark to take decent photos.

Camel Trophy Land Rovers

G4 Challenge Land Rovers

Land Rover is no longer involved in the Camel Trophy. Land Rover now organise the G4 Challenge. Instead of driving across difficult terrain in one place, the G4 Challenge is for sporty, outdoor people and take place in a number of countries for more publicity. However it does involve a fleet of Land Rovers (Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Discovery, Freelander and most interestingly, Defender 110).

2006 G4 Challenge Land Rovers

Lara Croft Tomb Raider Landrover

I think this Landrover is excellent. It is the Landrover driven by Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie) in the Tomb Raider film. It was made by Landrover Special Vehicles and I may have to use some of the their ideas.

Lara Croft Tomb Raider Landrover

Lara Croft Tomb Raider Landrover 2

I got another opportunity to see Lara Croft’s Landrover from the first Tomb Raider film. This time I took a load of detailed photos so I (or anybody else) can copy some of the design ideas.

Lara Croft Tomb Raider Land Rover

Stowage & Storage

One reason I wanted a large (110, 127 or 130) support vehicle is so that it can carry lots of stuff. I looked around for ideas of how other people safely carry lots of stuff in their Land Rovers.

Stuff stowed in the back of a Disco

Fire Engines

As the main role currently for my Support Vehicle is to carry stuff, stowage is very important. I think fire appliances are good examples of excellent stowage.

Stuff stowed in a fire engine

Matt Savage's Land Rover

Matt Savage sleeps on the roof of his Land Rover in a roof tent. There are also all sorts of ideas, features and details on his Land Rover that are a result of lessons learnt whilst travelling.

Defender 110 with roof tent

Trek Overland's King Trojan

The King Trojan is produced by Trek Overland and is based on a Defender 130. It is a very well equipped Land Rover camper van for 6 people operating away from other facilities.

Defender 130 with roof tents etc

British Trans-Americas Expedition

Instead of buying a Landrover 110 as a support vehicle, I could have converted the Range Rover into an expedition vehicle. It has been done before, see below, for an expedition (the first) through the Darian Gap, but this was before any 110’s had been built. This made the Range Rover the only option if you wanted a coil sprung vehicle with a V8 engine. It did not however have the capacity of a 109” Land Rover. The step on the rear tailgate was a good idea, eliminating the need for a ladder when accessing the items stored on the roof rack.

Darian Gap Range Rover Rear and side Rear Step

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